Photography Class: Weekly Projects

Assignment 1 Using Available Light: Using sunlight, overcast, and open shade to create a portrait.

Assignment 2 The Reflector: Using a reflector as the main source of light to create a portrait. 

Assignment 3 One Light Portrait: Using one off-camera flash and soft-box to create a portrait. 

Assignment 4 Two Light Portrait: Using two off-camera flashes and a soft-box to create a portrait. 

Assignment 5 Sportrait: Using multiple lighting techniques to create a Sportrait. This photo was taken with three off-camera flashes and a soft-box. 

Assignment 6 Painting With Light: This assignment allowed me to use flash to shoot a controlled image at dawn or dusk. This was a long exposure taken at night with a tripod and two off-camera flashes. 

Assignment 7 Environmental Portrait: Shooting an environmental portrait of an interesting subject using a flash and soft-box. This assignment mixes lighting technique and photojournalistic style. 

Assignment 8 Food 

Assignment 9 Fashion 

Assignment 10 Headshot

Final Project: Culture

Each photo is a portrait of a subject that was born in a different country. Each subject is wearing his or her culture’s traditional clothing. 

Valerie Fortune: Haiti

Erwin Laiho: Finland

Arianna Baquerizo: Ecuador

Jeremy Hernandez: Philippines

Haneen Ottallah: Palestine

Asharib Khan: Pakistan

Mandisa Haarhoff: South Africa

Douglas Santos: Guatemala

Arianne Chand: Guyana

Tamara Dobry: Kazakhstan

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